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The End Time News

Monthly online journal published from India, delivers up-to-date news providing coverage of national and international news, written from a Christian perspective. We also bring you true-life stories from across the globe, devotions that offer practical solutions to everyday problems, inspirational contents for overcoming personal difficulties, biblical outlooks and studies on various crucial scriptural and spiritual topics and mostly importantly, we enrich every Christian with resources for daily Christian living, providing encouragement, spiritual support and practical helps.

End Time News is published by Harvesting Souls Mission. Harvesting Souls Mission (HSM) is a non-profitable registered mission organization. Our goal is to reach whole of India with an emphasis on the most unreached Northern India and to plant brand new indigenous churches.

About Us

Harvesting Souls Mission is a contemporary and progressive Christian ministry and at the heart of our organization is a passion to evangelize, equip and empower the people and communities all across the globe, especially in India. We believe in God’s ability and passion to save and transform the lives of people living in sin.