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Travelling should be fun, no matter whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, you need to make the most out of your trip and to have as few complications as possible.

Dress conservatively and try to blend in.

Take care when choosing your hotel and transportation providers.

Don’t draw attention to yourself, avoid wearing flashy jewelry and don’t display large amounts of cash.

Carry only enough cash to make it through the day and leave the rest in the hotel’s safe.

Avoid traveling alone. Be careful about sharing your traveling plans with strangers.

Stick to the main roads and avoid taking shortcuts down narrow alleys and/or poorly lit streets.

Always be aware of what is going on around you.

Be very careful if you are asked to sell or part with your personal items. Many countries have restrictions on items foreigners can sell or give away and you can get into serious trouble for violating those laws.

Never accept gifts or packages from unknown parties.

Don’t accept items from locals to carry out of the country and deliver or mail to someone they know.

Know the laws about exchanging money. Only use official exchange facilities since this is another area that can get you into trouble fast.

How can I avoid being the victim of a pickpocket?

* Don’t travel in narrow alleys or poorly lit streets.
* When possible, avoid having crowds of people surrounding you.
* Carry a dummy wallet and put your money in your front pocket.
* Place a rubber band around your wallet, it will make it much more difficult to remove from your pocket without your knowledge.
* Carry your purse under your arm.
* Carry your money under your clothes.


London taxis are now available in Dubai



Imitation is the best form of flattery and somehow China and Dubai are getting increasingly good at it. Whether it is copying buildings, monuments, or even entire cities to the point of mimicking the street lamps perfectly, China has done it all. Dubai though has its own subtle influences, is nothing like China when it comes to dupliculture. They have managed to create and make waves with their architectural marvels, all on their own merit. The same can’t be said about the new taxi service launched in Dubai that mimics the ‘London Taxi’ models that will be seen zipping the streets of Dubai this year. Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced to launch the ‘London Taxi’ model service using hybrid vehicles. These vehicles come in a semi-curved shape and black color that mimic the iconic London Cab operating in the British capital that offers enough room to seat six people in a separate cabin comfortably. It is a pretty up-to-date model with features like a satellite-based navigation system, voice command system, forward-collision warning system, blind-spot monitoring system, and lane departure warning system in addition to a WIFI network. Dubai’s ‘London Taxi’ will come equipped with a dual-engine for better control of the vehicle, an accelerated braking system, and a battery that needs 30 minutes to recharge using the fast charging feature.

The Dubai Taxi Corporation aims to launch the taxi trials this February onwards, and service will be available at the Dubai International Airport only for now. Mattar Mohammed Al Tayer, Director-General, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), said, ‘ the new service comes as part of the RTA’s plans to improve the taxi service in Dubai further.’

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Commercial flights in Kuwait tomorrow; Banned in 35 countries



Kuwait: Non-Kuwaiti passengers of 35 countries banned from entering the country can now enter, but only if they stayed the previous country they were in for at least 14 days, state news agency KUNA reported citing the Directorate General of Civil Aviation

Passengers need to be tested for the coronavirus and submit a certificate showing a negative result, the DGCA added.

The test result will be valid for a maximum of 72 hours between the test date and date of arrival to the country.

Earlier on Wednesday, the directorate announced a ban on all passenger flights arriving from 31 countries from entering Kuwait until further notice.

While other flights will resume, countries on the barred list include India, Iran, China, Brazil, Lebanon, Spain, Singapore, Egypt and Sri Lanka, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation said in a statement.

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