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Covid 19; Israel Announces 3-Week Nationwide Lockdown again after Surge



Jerusalem: Israel’s government announced Saturday it would impose a three-week nationwide lockdown in an effort to stem one of the world’s highest novel coronavirus infection rates after a surge in cases.
The lockdown order, set to go into effect on Friday, makes Israel the first developed economy to take such a drastic measure to curb a “second wave” of virus infections.

Israel had initially been widely praised for curbing the spread of the Covid-19 disease by imposing a stringent lockdown in March, but it is now second only to Bahrain for the world’s highest coronavirus infection rate per capita, according to an AFP tally.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the government decision in a televised statement, saying the cabinet had agreed “a strict (lockdown) plan for three weeks, with an option that it will be extended”.

“Our goal is to stop the increase, to reduce the contagion,” which has crossed the threshold of 4,000 new cases a day, he added.

The lockdown is set to begin from 1100 GMT on Friday, just hours before the start of the Jewish New Year and the High Holidays, which also include the Day of Atonement and Sukkot.

The announcement comes despite pushback from part of the ultra-Orthodox contingent in government over enforcing a lockdown during the holidays.

Under the lockdown guidelines, still to be finalised, indoor gatherings would be limited to 10 people and outdoor gatherings to 20, meaning prayers at synagogues would be severely impacted.

Restaurants are set to be closed to on-site dining and movement will be limited to 500 metres (1,650 feet) from one’s home.

“I know these measures will exact a heavy price from all of us,” Netanyahu said.

“This is not the holiday time we’re used to, we certainly won’t be able to celebrate with our extended families.”

Earlier on Sunday, Housing Minister Yaakov Litzman of the ultra-Orthodox United Torah Judaism party resigned in protest of the lockdown’s timing, which he said was an affront to Israel’s Jews.

“It is an injustice and disregard for hundreds of thousands of citizens, ultra-Orthodox, religious and traditional,” who would seek to pray in synagogues and have family meals, Litzman said.

Despite early successes in stemming the virus spread, protests have broken out as cases have risen against Netanyahu and the government’s handling of the pandemic.

Hundreds of demonstrators rallied again on Sunday to call for Netanyahu’s resignation over his alleged graft offences and failure to manage the Covid-19 crisis.

They blocked roads to Ben Gurion airport, from where Netanyahu was due to fly to the United States to attend the signing of agreements to normalise ties with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

Israelis angry with the government over the rise in cases have cited the rapid reopening of businesses, with some arguing insufficient financial measures forced people back to work prematurely.

Others have said the reopening of schools and the country’s increased testing capacity pushed up the number of positive cases.

Israel, with a population of nine million, has recorded 155,604 Covid-19 cases, including 1,119 deaths.


അൽ-അക്സാ പള്ളി അക്രമത്തില്‍ ഇസ്രയേലിന് ഹമാസിന്‍റെ മുന്നറിയിപ്പ്



റംസാന്‍ മാസത്തിലെ അവസാനത്തെ വെള്ളിയാഴ്ച വിശുദ്ധഭൂമിയില്‍ ഇസ്രയേല്‍‌ നടത്തിയ അക്രമത്തിനെതിരെ ലോക സമൂഹം ഒറ്റക്കെട്ടായി പ്രതിഷേധിച്ചു. ഇസ്ലാം മതത്തെ സംബന്ധിച്ച് മൂന്നാമത്തെ ഏറ്റവും വിശുദ്ധ സ്ഥലമാണ് അൽ-അക്സാ പള്ളി സംയുക്തം. ഈ സ്ഥലം യഹൂദന്മാരുടെയും ഏറ്റവും പുണ്യസ്ഥലമാണ്, അവർ ഇതിനെ ക്ഷേത്ര പര്‍വ്വതം എന്ന് വിളിക്കുകയും വേദപുസ്തക ക്ഷേത്രങ്ങൾ നിലകൊള്ളുന്ന സ്ഥലമായി അതിനെ ആരാധിക്കുകയും ചെയ്യുന്നു. ക്രിസ്തുമതവും ഈ പ്രദേശത്തെ വുശുദ്ധമായ ആരാധിക്കുന്നു. എന്നാല്‍ ഇന്ന് ഇസ്രായേൽ-പലസ്തീൻ അക്രമത്തിന്‍റെ ഒരു പ്രധാന കേന്ദ്രമാണ് ഈ വിശുദ്ധ പ്രദേശം. ഇന്നലെ രാത്രിയില്‍‌ അൽ-അക്സാ പള്ളിക്ക് സമീപം എന്താണ് സംഭവിച്ചതെന്ന കാര്യത്തില്‍ ഇപ്പോഴും ആശയകുഴപ്പം നിലനില്‍ക്കുകയാണ്. വിശുദ്ധമാസത്തിലെ അവസാന വെള്ളിയാഴ്ച രാത്രി ഏതാണ്ട് 70,000 ത്തോളം പാലസ്തീനികള്‍ അൽ-അക്സയിൽ നടന്ന റമദാൻ പ്രാർത്ഥനയിൽ പങ്കെടുത്തതായി സൈറ്റിന്റെ മേൽനോട്ടം വഹിക്കുന്ന ഇസ്ലാമിക് എൻ‌ഡോവ്‌മെന്‍റ് അറിയിച്ചു. വിശാലമായ ആ കുന്നില്‍ മുകളില്‍ രാത്രിയിലുണ്ടായ അക്രമത്തില്‍ 200 ല്‍ പരം സാധാരണക്കാര്‍ക്ക് പരിക്കേറ്റു. രണ്ട് പേര്‍ മരിച്ചു. പരിക്കേറ്റവരിൽ 88 പേരെ ആശുപത്രിയിൽ പ്രവേശിപ്പിച്ചതായി പലസ്തീൻ റെഡ് ക്രസന്‍റ് എമർജൻസി സർവീസ് പറഞ്ഞു. അക്രമത്തില്‍‌ 17 ഇസ്രയേല്‍ പൊലീസുകാര്‍ക്ക് പരിക്കേറ്റതായി ഇസ്രായേൽ പൊലീസും പറയുന്നു.

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Anti-Conversion Law Cripples Another Family in Madhya Pradesh



India – On April 4, 2021, Madhya Pradesh police sheltered a pastor and his family from a murderous mob of 300 Hindu radicals.

According to Morning Star News, Pastor Manu Damor and his wife, Asha finished the Easter evening service when five men began interrogating him and his family and became irritated when Pastor Manu refused them. Later, 300 Hindu extremists attacked the family and four other couples.

Some men started destroying the motorbike, and others broke through the windows, attacking the family’s home, other men tearing off the roof to get inside. “We will kill you and send your dead bodies from here,” one of the Hindu extremists said. Police came in time to stop the mob from burning the house down.

Police detained the family inside the police station for their safety. However, members of the mob harassed the police and filed a false First Information Report (FIR) claimed the pastor and his wife bribed Leela Bai to become a Christian. With no other evidence, police charged the couple under the Madhya Pradesh Freedom of Religious Ordinance, 2020, now known as the Madhya Pradesh Freedom of Religion Act, 2021. The law criminalizes religious conversions by “misrepresentation, force, undue influence, coercion, inducement (or allurement) or by any fraudulent means or by marriage.”

Pastor Manu and his wife were not aware of the claims against them nor informed of the charges until brought before a magistrate. They had their three small children with them at the time, 4, 5, and 18 months old. For two weeks, Asha sat in a cell with 23 other prisoners until finally, on April 12, she posted bail and returned to her children. The Session Court, Morning Star News said, refused bail for Pastor Manu and will assign him a new lawyer.

The Christian community does not trust the police to protect them, believing that the police will side with the Hindu extremists to avoid conflict.

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Anti-Conversion Law Cripples Another Family in Madhya Pradesh

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