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വിശന്നിരുന്നതല്ലേ അവർ; ഇനി വയറുനിറഞ്ഞോട്ടെ.. തായ് കുട്ടികൾക്കു വിരുന്നൊരുക്കാൻ മൽസരിച്ച് റസ്റ്ററന്റു



മായ് സായ് (തായ്‌‍ലൻഡ്)∙ ചിയാങ് റായിലെ ഇരുട്ടുഗുഹയിൽ പതിനേഴുദിവസം വിശന്നുവലഞ്ഞു കഴിഞ്ഞതിന്റെ സങ്കടം…തീർക്കാൻ തായ് ബാലന്മാരെ ക്ഷണിച്ചു വരിനിൽക്കുന്നതു വൻകിട റസ്റ്ററന്റുകൾ. ആശുപത്രി വിട്ടിട്ടില്ലാത്ത പന്ത്രണ്ടു കുട്ടികളും ഫുട്ബോൾ പരിശീലകൻ ഏക്കും സാധാരണ ഭക്ഷണം കഴിച്ചു തുടങ്ങിയതതോടെയാണു വിരുന്നൊരുക്കാൻ തിരക്ക്….


Ancient coin tied to Jewish rebellion against Romans found in Jerusalem




A rare coin dating back to a Jewish revolt against the Romans nearly 2,000 years ago was uncovered during excavations in Jerusalem’s Old City.

The Israel Antiquities Authority announced the discovery on Monday in honor of the Jewish holiday Lag B’Omer. Experts say the bronze coin dates to the Bar Kokhba Revolt from 132-135 AD—the last of three major Jewish revolts against the Roman Empire.

On one side of the coin, there is an image of a cluster of grapes and the inscription “Year Two of the Freedom of Jerusalem” in ancient Jerusalem. The other side of the coin features a palm tree and the inscription “Jerusalem.”

Archaeologists have uncovered revolt coins like this one through the years while retracing the history of the Bar Kokhba Revolt. The coins featured images of the Temple, trumpets, and harps along with the descriptions: “Redemption of Israel” and “Freedom of Israel.”

This coin revealed on Monday is the only one from that period bearing the name “Jerusalem” ever discovered in Jerusalem.

“Finding a coin with the name Jerusalem in it within Jerusalem was very exciting for me,” said Moran Hagbi, Excavation Director of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Excavators are speculating about how the coin got to Jerusalem because the Jewish rebels never breached the ancient city—which was held by the Romans at the time.

Experts believe one of the soldiers serving in Rome’s Tenth Legion near the Temple Mount found the coin and brought it to Jerusalem after defeating the Jewish rebels.

“The Bar Kokhba Revolt overwhelmed the Roman Empire and they had to bring more forces from around the Roman Empire,” said Hagbi.

“The soldiers of these units went back to their bases after the suppression of the revolt and brought back with them these coins. How do we know? Almost 20 coins were found around Europe in sites that are recognized with the Roman Legions and these coins were found in the sites. It is likely that this coin was brought by a Roman soldier from the Tenth Legion as a souvenir from the revolt,” Hagbi explained.

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Earthquake in Rome: 3.7 magnitude recorded on Richter scale




Rome: An earthquake in the early hours of this morning has termed the earthquake of COVID. Details of damages or injuries have not been revealed, but according to data provided by the Italian Geological Institute, the magnitude of 3.2 to 3.7 was recorded on the Richter scale.

The epicenter is Fonte Nueva, a small town in the northeast of the province of Rome. The sudden earthquake in Italy, which is gradually liberating from Covid’s danger, is distressing.

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